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Cylinder Heads

Modern automotive cylinder head designs require the highest level of machining and assembly when reconditioning. Our reputation for quality rebuilt cylinder heads and valve jobs is based on a commitment to properly train and equip our staff with the latest equipment and manufacturing techniques. We are crack repair experts!

Cylinder head remanufacturing process includes:
◾ Thermal or Hot Tank Cleaning
◾Shot Peening or Sand Blasting
◾Crack Inspection – Pressure Testing or Magnafluxing
◾New Brass Valve Spring Shims
◾New Valve Stem Seals (Most Domestic Engines)
◾Valve Spring Testing
◾Valve Polishing and Refacing
◾Three Angle Cutting of Valve Seats
◾Final Wash
◾Hi -Temperature Engine Enamel
◾Expert Assembly

Is your cylinder head beyond repair?
 Ask about new cylinder head castings.

New Cylinder Head Castings

While most cylinder heads can be remanufactured, we also offer new cylinder head castings for cases where the existing head is beyond repair, rare, or replacement is simply more cost efficient. Order just the bare casting or the fully assembled head.