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Engine Kits

We offer a complete range of engine kits.  If you don’t see what you’re looking for, ontact us for a custom engine kit.

Master Kits include:
◾Gaskets – Full Set
◾Rod and Main Bearings
◾Thrust Bearings
◾Piston Rings
◾Rod Bushings
◾Timing Chain Set
◾Oil Pump
◾Camshaft (Reground)
◾Freeze / Expansion Plugs

Cranks Kits include:
◾Reground Crankshaft
◾Rod and Main Bearings

Cam & Lifter Kits:
◾High Performance

Other Packages:
◾Bore and Hone Cylinders
◾Cam Bearings Installed
◾Engine Prep
◾All Plugs Installed
◾Final Wash – For Ready Assembly